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Man filed medical malpractice suit after botched procecure

When it comes to medical procedures, Alabama patients must place their trust in doctors and nurses to take care of them and do a good job. Sometimes, a procedure does not go as planned. In a recent case, a man's medical team realized there was trouble, but decided not to ask for help. The end result left a man to pick up the pieces of his shattered life, and he's filed a medical malpractice suit.

New film exposes medical malpractice during the birthing process

Alabama parents may remember, or may now be experiencing, the bundle of nerves that precedes the arrival of a bundle of joy. Expecting a baby is a time of much preparation, and choosing where to give birth can be a difficult decision. Most parents likely assume that most modern hospitals are well-equipped to assist them as they bring a child into the world, but a new documentary exposes the shocking frequency of medical malpractice

Medical malpractice records difficult to find

Medical patients in the state of Alabama may be concerned that their physician committed medical malpractice. Many people may want to check the doctor's personal record before they make an accusation. Unlike other states, medical malpractice information may be difficult to come by in Alabama. A recent push for more transparency has left many residents confused and concerned. 

Alabama remains near the bottom in hospital safety

Hospital safety is a very important issue. It impacts many aspects of patient health, including the likelihood of hospital patients facing harmful medical mistakes. Injuries from such errors can have many lasting ramifications for patients and can raise impactful legal issues related to compensation.

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