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Numerous child-birth complications result in medical malpractice

The United States has recently received the dubious distinction as being one of the most dangerous countries the developed world in which to give birth. The number of maternal deaths is about 700 per year, with about 50,000 more experiencing severe injuries or complications. In a recent USA Today study, over seven million births were reviewed, and one in eight of the hospitals had complication rates that were twice the national norm. Physicians appear to be attempting to blame the mothers in Alabama and elsewhere for their complications; however, mothers are also blaming their health care providers, and this is resulting in numerous medical malpractice cases.

Hospitals point to high poverty rates, little or no pre-natal care, and pre-existing conditions in the expectant mothers as causes for the high complication rates. Many such complications result in death of the mother or child. Many of the hospitals studied were teaching hospitals, and in many instances, student doctors were delivering babies without the supervision of an attending physician.

In one such case, a woman who suffered distress in labor was rushed to an operating room for an emergency C-section. Her husband put on scrubs and went to be with his wife, but when he arrived, the baby had already been delivered and his wife was bleeding badly. None of the doctors in the room were yet board certified. As a result of complications from the delivery, the woman lost the ability to have more children and required life-saving surgery shortly after giving birth. The family has filed a lawsuit against the hospital.

Giving birth should be a joyous time in the life of a family. In a country considered by many to have the best health care, it should not be the high risk procedure that the evidence shows it to be. If a woman in Alabama experienced complications or other negative outcomes following child birth, she may wish to consult with a personal injury attorney. An experienced lawyer can review the facts of the case and help determine if a medical malpractice suit is a viable option.

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Numerous child-birth complications result in medical malpractice | The Mazur Law Firm