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Alabama car accidents often occur near parking lot entrances

Most Alabama drivers who adhere to all traffic and safety regulations safely reach their destinations. The risk of collision greatly increases, however, if a nearby motorist is negligent or reckless. In fact, careless drivers often cause disastrous car accidents that have fatal results.

A recent incident unfolded in a local school zone. There were two vehicles involved in the crash that prompted a need for airlift transport for one person, who was in dire need of emergency medical treatment. Sadly, another person was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident.

Preliminary investigations show that a vehicle was exiting a school parking lot. There was a sudden collision between that vehicle and a minivan that was traveling in a southbound direction on the road. After the crash, a local police chief made a public statement, reminding motorists to be especially cautious and to practice safe driving habits when navigating roadways that pass through school zones.

When Alabama car accidents result in fatality or serious injury, it is often devastating for surviving victims, as well as the loved ones and friends of those who have died. In certain situations, such as when a driver is deemed to have been negligent or reckless, such incidents often lead to litigation. The state allows those who suffer injury by another person's negligence or reckless acts to seek financial recovery for their losses by filing personal injury or wrongful death claims in court. Anyone in need of information regarding the claims process can reach out to an experienced injury law attorney for support.

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Alabama car accidents often occur near parking lot entrances | The Mazur Law Firm