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Alabama man facing drug charges and stolen property accusations

If Alabama police officers show a validly signed warrant that grants permission to search a particular residence, the person living there must allow them to do so. Such situations often lead to arrests, if the officers suspect that a crime has taken place. A man who was recently paid such a visit by police is now facing drug charges and has also been accused of stealing a truck.

Suppose a vehicle that has been reported stolen is parked on a person's property. This fact alone does not necessarily mean the property owner is the one who stole it. Someone else could have taken the truck or car and left it there.

The man who was recently taken into police custody has been charged with first-degree theft of property and unauthorized use of a motor vehicle in connection with a stolen truck that police say was on his property. Investigators also claim to have seized more than 40 firearms, marijuana and methamphetamine. The court will not hand down a conviction based on a police officer's suspicion that a particular substance is an illegal drug. Prosecutors must show evidence from laboratory tests to confirm that a substance is, in fact, the drug in question.

From the time drug charges or theft charges are filed to the time a trial takes place (if indeed a trial takes place), there is much a defendant can do to try to build a strong defense. Most Alabama residents facing criminal charges turn to experienced defense attorneys for support. An attorney can review a case and determine which strategies might help secure the best possible outcome.

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Alabama man facing drug charges and stolen property accusations | The Mazur Law Firm