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Man filed medical malpractice suit after botched procecure

When it comes to medical procedures, Alabama patients must place their trust in doctors and nurses to take care of them and do a good job. Sometimes, a procedure does not go as planned. In a recent case, a man's medical team realized there was trouble, but decided not to ask for help. The end result left a man to pick up the pieces of his shattered life, and he's filed a medical malpractice suit.

The ordeal began when an Alabama man went to a doctor he trusted to have a circumcision done. The doctor ran into some difficulty during the procedure and had the opportunity to ask another doctor on duty what should be done to remedy the situation. Rather than do so, the doctor continued despite the risk, and instead of a successful circumcision, the patient's genitalia were amputated. 

It is estimated that medical malpractice is the third leading cause of death in the United States. In fact, the number of Americans killed each year by careless medical mistakes may exceed 400,000. In this case, the patient was lucky enough to survive, but his life, and his marriage, have been forever changed by the doctor's negligent actions. 

Victims of medical malpractice may want to seek justice in a court of law, and they may be entitled to do so. These are complicated legal proceedings, however, that are best handled by experienced attorneys familiar with this area of the law. A lawyer can assist a client in seeking full financial accountability from a careless doctor. 

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Man filed medical malpractice suit after botched procecure | The Mazur Law Firm