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Visitors to jail may face drug charges

Alabama residents may have been in a position where they needed to visit a friend or loved one who is incarcerated. Visitors to most jails and prisons are subject to metal detectors and searches of their person and belongings. Though many visitors may prepare for these security measures ahead of time, they may not realize that they may face drug charges if the vehicle they rode in is searched. 

Recently, a woman got a ride to visit a person in an Alabama jail.When she arrived, the vehicle was searched by prison security. Though the vehicle did not belong to her, and she was not even driving, she was hit with drug charges after a controlled substance was allegedly found in the vehicle. Investigators did not reveal why they suspected the drugs belonged to the woman accused. 

On another occasion, a male visitor was reportedly found to have had a small amount of a controlled substance on his person. Though he was only a visitor, he soon became an inmate. Both accused visitors are currently incarcerated themselves as a result of drug charges. 

Anyone facing Alabama drug charges may worry about the outcome of a court case, and it may help to partner with an experienced criminal defense attorney. There is a lot on the line, and some important decisions will need to be made as the case heads to court. While the charges are simply accusations, and not evidence of guilt, the potential consequences of a conviction necessitate a strong defense focused on achieving the best possible results under the circumstances presented.

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