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Local business owners may prepare criminal defense

Alabama residents may live in the sort of neighborhood where small businesses still thrive. Many of these businesses are owned by members of the community, and people choose to patronize them over larger chain stores to support their hard-working neighbors. Recently, several small local shops found themselves in some legal trouble, and may now be preparing to present a criminal defense. 

The shops in question are mostly convenience stores. The trouble began when a band of alleged thieves began breaking into larger retailers and stealing tobacco products. Police investigators determined that the thieves were then selling the tobacco products to the smaller shops at a discount price, which is against the law. 

However, law enforcement has not released any proof indicating that the small business owners, now facing charges and fines, were aware that the goods were stolen. They merely stated that the owners should have put two and two together and assumed that the recent thefts were connected with the discounted products. Some of the small businesses have even had to close their doors until the matter is cleaned up in court. 

If an Alabama resident feels that he or she would like some help presenting a criminal defense to the court, there are steps that can be taken. One way to begin is to contact an experienced attorney. An attorney may be able to educate a client about what to expect from the legal process, and figure out how to present his or her side of the case in a favorable light. 

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