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Drug charges brought against correctional officer

Alabama residents are likely aware that our nation is in the grips of a substance abuse epidemic. Law enforcement across the country has increased efforts to combat drug use and distribution. Unfortunately, this can sometimes lead to overzealous drug charges.

Recently, an Alabama correctional officer was fired after it was discovered he had contraband on his person while working at the jail. Though there was no proof that he intended to distribute or sell anything to inmates, he received multiple drug charges. Allegedly, a supervisor discovered the controlled substances as the officer arrived to begin his shift. 

The officer was new to the job, having only been employed at the county jail for three months. He was immediately fired, even though he has not been convicted by a court. He is awaiting his chance to explain his side of the story to a judge. 

Drug charges can make a defendant feel helpless. Many fear that they are viewed as guilty as soon as they are accused. An accusation is not an indication of guilt, and a defendant may want to consider seeking assistance from an experienced attorney. An attorney can ensure that a defendant's rights are protected throughout the legal process and may be able to help a person explain the situation to a judge in court. On some occasions, there may be evidence that needs to be taken into consideration before a court makes a determination, and an attorney can help bring any information that might help an accused person defend him- or herself. 

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