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August 2018 Archives

Local police chief fired after drug charges

Alabama residents may be among the many Americans who are confused about the legality of recreational marijuana use. Many states have passed laws lessening or eliminating criminal penalties for using or possessing small amounts of marijuana. There are restaurants, clothing brands, tourist destinations and art galleries that center on legal marijuana use. As prominent as the use of marijuana has become, many states, and notably the federal government, have not yet changed their laws, and possessing even a small amount of marijuana can still result in serious drug charges

Alabama man pleas to drug charges after postal investigation

The internet and e-commerce has enabled the sale and distribution of many items online. While many of these transactions are legal, individuals are sometimes accused of using digital channels to arrange for the purchase and delivery of drugs and illegal items. Recently, an Alabama man was accused of federal drug charges following an investigation involving the online sale of methamphetamine, Alprazolam and fentanyl.

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