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Car accidents claim pedestrian lives

Alabama drivers probably do their best to drive safely, obeying traffic laws and keeping a watchful eye out for pedestrians, especially small children, as they drive. Children are usually much smaller than adults and may not exercise caution near the road, so drivers must remain alert to avoid car accidents. One child recently lost her life and, sadly, was killed while running from potential danger. 

The tragedy came to light when Alabama police responded to reports of gunshots heard in a local neighborhood. Officers rushed to the scene. Upon arrival, they discovered the body of a 14-year-old girl in the street. At first, officers were unsure what had caused her fatal injuries. 

Visitors to jail may face drug charges

Alabama residents may have been in a position where they needed to visit a friend or loved one who is incarcerated. Visitors to most jails and prisons are subject to metal detectors and searches of their person and belongings. Though many visitors may prepare for these security measures ahead of time, they may not realize that they may face drug charges if the vehicle they rode in is searched. 

Recently, a woman got a ride to visit a person in an Alabama jail.When she arrived, the vehicle was searched by prison security. Though the vehicle did not belong to her, and she was not even driving, she was hit with drug charges after a controlled substance was allegedly found in the vehicle. Investigators did not reveal why they suspected the drugs belonged to the woman accused. 

Local business owners may prepare criminal defense

Alabama residents may live in the sort of neighborhood where small businesses still thrive. Many of these businesses are owned by members of the community, and people choose to patronize them over larger chain stores to support their hard-working neighbors. Recently, several small local shops found themselves in some legal trouble, and may now be preparing to present a criminal defense. 

The shops in question are mostly convenience stores. The trouble began when a band of alleged thieves began breaking into larger retailers and stealing tobacco products. Police investigators determined that the thieves were then selling the tobacco products to the smaller shops at a discount price, which is against the law. 

New film exposes medical malpractice during the birthing process

Alabama parents may remember, or may now be experiencing, the bundle of nerves that precedes the arrival of a bundle of joy. Expecting a baby is a time of much preparation, and choosing where to give birth can be a difficult decision. Most parents likely assume that most modern hospitals are well-equipped to assist them as they bring a child into the world, but a new documentary exposes the shocking frequency of medical malpractice

The film, called "Mother May I" documents the traumas experienced by many mothers during the birth process. One of the film's stars tells a harrowing tale, in which a nurse attempted to push the baby back inside her and hold it there for some time. She suffered painful injuries, with damage that will last for the rest of her life. She is now in constant pain, and is no longer able to experience sexual intercourse. 

Decreasing drowsy driving in teenagers

As a parent, you have plenty to worry about when your child enters high school. They have to keep up with harder classes, begin a new social life, try out for spots and prepare for college. Arguably, those parental concerns are at their worst when your kid starts driving to school. Teen drivers are still some of the most dangerous motorists on the road, and Alabama does not exactly have the best drivers to begin with.

Even if you are not in the car with them, that does not mean you can take extra steps to ensure that they are at their best when they are behind the wheel. A recent study from the C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital in Michigan polled parents from around the nation, half of which said that their teen had trouble falling asleep. If you are one of those parents, you can try to ensure your child’s safety by taking the following precautions:

Drug charges brought against correctional officer

Alabama residents are likely aware that our nation is in the grips of a substance abuse epidemic. Law enforcement across the country has increased efforts to combat drug use and distribution. Unfortunately, this can sometimes lead to overzealous drug charges.

Recently, an Alabama correctional officer was fired after it was discovered he had contraband on his person while working at the jail. Though there was no proof that he intended to distribute or sell anything to inmates, he received multiple drug charges. Allegedly, a supervisor discovered the controlled substances as the officer arrived to begin his shift. 

Car accidents caused by drunk driving result in criminal charges

Alabama drivers have been educated about the dangers of drinking and driving, a process which likely began before they were even old enough to obtain a license. Being under the influence of drugs and alcohol behind the wheel is a leading cause of car accidents nationwide. When a vehicle is involved in an accident, drivers are required by law to remain on the scene until law enforcement arrives, but sometimes people trying to cover up a crime attempt to ignore this rule. 

Recently, an Alabama driver, reportedly under the influence, was involved in a serious accident. He was traveling the wrong way along a stretch of road and collided with an oncoming vehicle. The vehicle that was struck left the roadway, and its driver was ejected. 

Medical malpractice records difficult to find

Medical patients in the state of Alabama may be concerned that their physician committed medical malpractice. Many people may want to check the doctor's personal record before they make an accusation. Unlike other states, medical malpractice information may be difficult to come by in Alabama. A recent push for more transparency has left many residents confused and concerned. 

While information about previous findings of medical malpractice are public information, it can be tricky to locate. People that have suffered injury as a result of negligence may be considering legal action. If a doctor has prior medical malpractice judgments, victims may feel as if they should have been warned. If a person does not know how to properly research a doctor's professional reputation, the individual may have no way of knowing if his or her life is in careless hands. 

Local police chief fired after drug charges

Alabama residents may be among the many Americans who are confused about the legality of recreational marijuana use. Many states have passed laws lessening or eliminating criminal penalties for using or possessing small amounts of marijuana. There are restaurants, clothing brands, tourist destinations and art galleries that center on legal marijuana use. As prominent as the use of marijuana has become, many states, and notably the federal government, have not yet changed their laws, and possessing even a small amount of marijuana can still result in serious drug charges

Recently, an Alabama police chief lost his job after drug charges were filed against him. Though reports do not mention a reason that may have initiated search warrant proceedings, a warrant was obtained to search his home and police car. Allegedly, the search yielded a small amount of marijuana and two devices that may be used for smoking it. 

Penalties for trafficking heroin in Alabama

About 948,000 Americans have used heroin at least once over the course of a year, according to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH). As this number has risen, so have related charges.

In Alabama, the punishment for trafficking heroin is no small slap on the wrist. Read on to learn the current penalties for trafficking various amounts of heroin.

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