If You Are Facing Drug Charges, We Can Help

At The Mazur Law Firm in Montgomery, we have broad experience working with individuals throughout the state facing state and federal drug charges. Whether you are facing allegations of marijuana possession or distribution, interstate drug trafficking or any other type of state or federal drug charges, we will develop a defense plan that seeks the best possible outcome to your case.

Having worked as a prosecutor in Montgomery County, attorney Sherri Mazur knows the tactics that prosecutors use when approaching drug cases. We will use this knowledge to strengthen your defense and put you in a better position to fight back against these allegations.

Consequences Of A Drug Conviction

Prosecutors and law enforcement in Alabama aggressively pursue cases involving drug charges. This aggressive approach means that a conviction often carries harsh, punitive penalties. These may include:

  • Fines could reach as high as $50,000, depending on the severity of the charges.
  • More minor drug charges carry one- to 10-year jail sentences. If convicted of a Class A felony drug charge, you will face a minimum of three years in prison.
  • Any alleged profits from drug crimes may be seized by law enforcement.

Even a misdemeanor drug crime conviction can have permanent negative effects on your life. The conviction can mean a permanent criminal record, loss of employment opportunities, ineligibility for student loans, loss of government benefits and other consequences.

We treat every drug case with the serious attention it deserves. Our attorneys will thoroughly analyze the facts of your case to help you more effectively defend against the charges you are facing. We will work to reach an outcome that protects your future.

Seeking Rehabilitative Answers

Many drug charges unfortunately stem from instances of drug addiction. We have developed close relationships with drug treatment programs around the state. This allows us to help our clients get the high-quality care they need to overcome addiction.

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